Keeping Parliaments, Civil Society, and Political Parties Safe Online

Full PDF of Cybersecurity for Civil Society Organizations

Full PDF of Cybersecurity for Poltical Parties

Full PDF of Cybersecurity for Parliaments

It’s a dangerous world out there. While there’s a lot of good information for individuals to keep themselves safe online, and corporations and governments often have resources for hiring professional support, organizations critical to our socities and democracies – civil society organizations, parliaments, and political parties – are often left in the cold. These guides help fill that gap.

Each has been written with pragmatic, understandable advice based on some of the best experts and resources out there, and informed by my personal experience with training dozens of organizations and hundreds of activists from Azerbaijian to Zimbabwel. With funding from Microsoft and the National Endowment for Democracy, NDI wrote this series of guides to help keep vulnerable groups safer online, and better able to play their key roles in democracy.